Deepika, Dola win Awards in Mature Nationwide Archery

Deepika, Dola win Awards in Mature Nationwide Archery


PTI Dec 31, 2012, 09.03PM IST

CHENNAI: Deepika Kumari ruled superior with seven awards, while expert Dola Banerjee noticeable her come returning to type choosing six awards in the 33rd Sahara Mature Nationwide competition that determined at the Ould – School floor on Thursday.

Representing SPSB, Deepika won two silver awards (70m, Olympic round), three silver (50m, 60m and team) and two brown (30m and combined pair) in the females recurve area.

But it was a unforgettable competition for two-time Olympian Dola as the Train archer came returning from a lengthy damage lay-off to choose two silver (50m, team), two silver (mixed couple, olympic) and two brown awards (60m, 70m).

In the gents area, appealing Railways archer Kapil had an amazing trip successful the person Olympic circular, even as Rahul Banerjee had the most of five awards — one silver (team), two silver (30m, combined pair) and two brown (70m,